HP Printer Offline Issue? Get It Back Online In 7 Easy Steps

hp printer offline

There is an important office presentation due in an hour. You sent several files to your HP printer but it doesn’t print any documents out. On checking the printer’s status in the windows settings, you see that it reads “OFFLINE”. 

What does this mean? Is there a way to fix this HP printer offline issue without taking it to the HP printer support service

It is true! For most parts, an HP Printer appears “offline” if the computer is not able to establish communication with the device. This could be due to many factors – loose cables, outdated drivers, issues with system services, etc. 

But we are not here to talk about the problem. We are here to share the solution to the HP printer offline issue. Follow any fixes mentioned below to get your HP printer back online!

Tips To Change A Printer From Offline To Online

1. Check Your Printer’s Cable Or Network Connection

Before you jump to tweak the PC’s settings, make sure your printer is correctly plugged into the power outlet. For a wireless printer, ensure the PC and printer are on the same network.

Printers usually go into “Sleep mode” after minutes of inactivity. In Sleep mode, the printer appears offline on your PC.

If that’s the case with your printer too, press any printer buttons to wake it up. Wait for a few seconds and check if that changes the HP printer offline status to online on your computer. 

2. Check The Hints From The Printer’s Status Light

Windows labels a printer “Offline” if there is a problem with the device. One easy way to know if there’s an issue with your HP Printer is to check the status light. If the Wi-Fi light on the wireless printer is flashing red, it is most likely that there is a problem with the Wi-Fi connection. 

The status light could also indicate other problems like jammed paper or firmware update failure. Check the printer’s instruction manual to learn about status light indicators. 

3. Disable HP Printer Offline Mode In Windows

Moving on, you must also verify your printer isn’t in “Use Printer Offline” mode. For that, head to Settings> Devices> Printers & Scanners > Click Open queue and select the affected printer here> 

Make sure the “Use Printer Offline” option is unchecked.  If there’s a checkmark next to the option, click on “Use Printer Offline” to bring the HP printer back online. 

4. Reboot The Computer

The HP printer offline issue could also be due to a temporary glitch on the computer. Disconnect the printer, shut down the computer, turn it on again, and reconnect the printer.

6. Update The HP Printer Firmware

Your HP printer can malfunction if there’s an issue with its firmware. If a firmware bug is the root cause of the HP printer offline problem, install the latest firmware version for the HP printer. You can download the firmware update from the printer or via the printer software. 

7. Restart The Windows Print Spooler

The Print Spooler is a vital system component. It powers the execution of printing jobs and the discovery of printers on Windows devices.

Your HP printer may show as “Offline” if the Print Spooler isn’t running. Go over to the Windows Services Manager and make sure everything is in order. To do that – 

  • Right-click on the Start menu icon and click Run.
  • Type “services.msc” in the dialog box and click on OK. This will launch the Windows Services Manager. 
  • Go through the list of services when you find Print Spooler, right-click on it and click Restart.

Problem Still Not Fixed? Connect With Professionals!

We are confident that one of the above steps will fix your HP printer offline issue. But if not, get instant HP printer online support from HP Printer Supports. 

Our certified printer technicians can get to the nuts and bolts to figure out your printer issue and resolve the problem quickly. Also, we offer remote support services which can help limit the time taken to wait for a technician. 

Get your HP printer up and running with our experts!


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