How to Increase the Lifespan of an Business Printer?

business printer maintenance

If you own a business, then you probably realize the need for printing documents every now and then. And as the usability increases, your printer succumbs to the usual wear and tear. In fact, very soon than expected!

So, ultimately you have to replace your printer sooner than you expected. Yes, we understand, that it is overwhelming to invest in a new printer every couple of years. So, to help you, we have collected some tricks to elongate your printer’s lifespan. Apply them to avoid normal wear and tear sooner than you’ve expected.

Different ways to care for a business printer to make them last longer

Clean your printer

Does your HP printer often jam papers? Maybe your printer is dirty. A dirty printer is a headache in the workplace. 

Want to how to clean them yourselves? Just use some alcohol and wipe it across the printer heads. This would prevent any sort of debris and dust that gets collected on your printer. If you want to reach the insides, then use a soft cotton dusting cloth. 

Using the soft cloth you also get away from the risk of damaging your printer.

 If you want a professional HP printer repair service, at HP Printers Supports, we may help.

Print the documents in one color

Most of the time, printers get confused with different colored documents. And so, there would be a pop-up message of error of different ink colors. 

Isn’t it so annoying? Yes, it is! But don’t worry because we have an easy solution for you. You can conveniently print the document by choosing the printing option at only black and white color.  If you don’t see, then only supplying the appropriate colored ink can make the error go away. 

Size of paper

The size of paper is also another problem that can cause frequent paper jams and degrade your printer’s longevity. Therefore, it’s really crucial to insert the only paper size that your printer accepts. When you use heavier and larger-sized paper, they’d definitely jam. 

If you want to print different paper sizes, then manage it in the settings. Only then start inserting your paper. 

Type of paper

To minimize your expense, you probably want to spend less on your paper in your business printer. And so, you’d choose low-quality papers. You may not know this, but low-grade papers also impact your printers’ longevity. They cause frequent paper jams.

A 20lb paper works well for the majority of the printing documents. But, keeping it to not less than 24lb paper would excel your print quality. 

Quality of labels

Do you use your office printer for label printing? You may not realize it, but poor quality levels highly impact your printers’ functionality. Cheaper labels may ruin your printer parts. The two most affected parts due to low-quality labels are:

  • Fuser
  • Platen

As you send the low-quality labels through them, the backing paper will easily peel off. Later, they’ll stick to whatever surfaces they come into contact with. It’s going to be a mess! Now you have to either choose to peel the label yourself or replace the part. 

Note: The cost of repairing a fuser can be hundreds of dollars. 

However, high-grade levels do not come off as easy as the low-quality ones. As a result, your printer won’t be damaged. 

Reduce bloatware

Our phones have many installed software as we buy, right? Similarly, your new business printer may also have multiple software which you don’t actually need. Eliminate any sort of unnecessary software from your printer.

 You can customize the option by selecting- “ to install- the minimum requirement being the driver alone.” Your printer won’t be taking extra loads of unnecessary software. As a result, it will last for more years. 

Stop clogging

Nozzle clogging is the most common problem faced by printers. Do you know why this happens? Maybe your printer is installed in a low humid area. It’s easier to overcome this. 

Just add a humidifier to your printing room!

Accurately order your printing

When you insert pages into your printer, it’ll usually print from the initial page. Sadly, sometimes this may cause a huge task for you to reorder them. But, you can arrange that right on your printer. Just select the option “print pages in reverse order” 

This will save you a lot of time. Also, you can help your printer to live a longer life with smooth printing. 

Load and alignment of your tray

It’s not unusual to find a heavy-loaded printer tray. An overloaded printer can result in stuck paper problems and paper jams. When you witness this several times, you’ll witness breakouts in your business printer. As a result, your printer life is impacted.

However, you can prevent an overloaded tray. All you need to do is load the tray with only three-fourths of the total capacity. If some papers are left out then print them in the next turn. This way you won’t require a business printer repair much often. 

Make Your Printer Last Longer with professional care

Taking care of your printer, along with other office chores is not easy. Hence, you make take our help for HP  printer maintenance. Our skilled professionals would make sure to let your office printer last longer than you expect. 


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